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Criminal Lawyer

Liberty is a fundamental part of a democracy and one of the founding principles of the United States. It protects citizens' privacy in homes, vehicles and interactions.  It stops the government from taking your property or freedom without due process of law.  It permits you to consult counsel when accused. A trial by an impartial jury, the right to confront adverse witnesses and the right to call witnesses are also afforded by the United States and Ohio constitutions. While each citizen may realize that she has rights, it is often difficult to understand how each one might apply to a particular case.  Sarah Hulburt's job as a criminal defense lawyer is to ensure that you are afforded these dearly-held rights and liberties, and that you understand them fully.

If you or a loved one are facing a criminal charge, a lot is at stake, including your financial health, reputation and freedom.  Ms. Hulburt is a qualified criminal lawyer who will guide you through the judicial process and make a difference in your case. She will fight aggressively on your behalf, explain the charges and penalties, lead you through the nuances of the legal system, and provide an affordable fee plan. Call her now for a free initial consultation. Ms. Hulburt is familiar with the intricacies of Summit County and Cuyahoga County courts.

What kind of offenses are common?

Driving under suspension is another common traffic offense that also carried stiff penalties, depending on the reason for the suspension.  A DUS violation for a DUI is very severe and you could find yourself in jail if you do not hire an advocate.  However, people often find their license suspended for such things as not paying child support, failure to pay a ticket, or having a license revoked for incurring more than 12 points.  These charges will definitely hurt your wallet, so it is best to hire a criminal lawyer to minimize the damage. 

Domestic violence
not only carries a social stigma, but it cannot be expunged from your record down the road.  Additionally, many judges restrain the defendant from having contact with the alleged victims, even if they live together.  In  most cases, officers will not "referee" a domestic dispute and will instead make an arrest for domestic violence if called.

Drug offenses
vary greatly, depending on the type and amount of drug on hand, whether it is near a school or juveniles, and if the accused intended to sell the contraband.  Possessing a small amount of marijuana may seem petty, but there is an automatic license suspension - even if no vehicle was involved in the principal offense.   Ms. Hulburt can analyze search issues that often accompany drug charges. 

At one time or another, most people find themselves with a traffic violationThese violations can impact your insurance; hiring a criminal lawyer may in fact save you a lot of money in the long run.  Speeding, reckless operation, and physical control are some of the common offenses.  An attorney can often get these offenses "knocked down" to an equipment violation.

Ohio has 88 county juvenile courts that deal with juvenile crimes. A juvenile crime is any violation of law by a child under age 18 that would otherwise be an adult crime. An offender is considered delinquent .  Once a child is declared delinquent, he or she may be placed on probation, referred to a rehabilitative program, or sent to juvenile detention.  The Ohio Department of Youth Services houses felony offenders ages 10-21.  The juvenile criminal justice system focuses on rehabilitation and working with families to prevent recidivism.